Родословная Ch. WCF Be Ri Coon Zlata-Marta

Родословная: Pedigree (Pawpeds) 

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Heath Lenger of Chamberlain

Int. Ch. Heath Lenger of Chamberlain
MCO d22

Int.Ch. Luipinacoons Jim Knopf
MCO a 22 03
Ch. Coonyham Lascaux of Garden of Eden
MCO n22
TGC. Gardenofeden Fletcher
MCO a 22 03
Ch. Trudhild zur Waldemaine
MCO f22
Gr. Eur. Ch. Koontucky Mr. Perfect of Waldemaine
MCO ds 22 03
In. Ch. Lara V.D. Laurentziburg
MCO n 22

Magdeburg Tigers Ginger Ale
MCO gs 22 03

Gr. Int. Ch. King louls of Boudar
MCO d 22 03
Bourbon of Baydar
MCO d 22 03
Caramel Chilli Darrem Casus
MCO fs 22
Manitobas HopeManitoba»s Hope
Mco ns 22 03
Ch. Cap. J.-L. Picard of Chamberlain
MCO as 22 03
Ch. Leonie of  Chamberlain
MCO fs